Summary Aikidó 3/99

This is an article taken over from British Aikido Federation Newsletters written by Peter Goldsbury. It gives a brief biography and personal Goldsbury´s memories of K. Ueshiba, whose life fully devoted to aikido expired on January 4, 1999. Ueshiba´s importance for the world aikido development is accentuated.

Vladimír Hotovec: MY VIEW OF ZEN
A personal reflection on the author's evolution in understanding of zen, on the meaning of mind and heart in the martial arts. Japanese experience with Mr. Ogino (7th Kendo Dan, 6th Iaido Dan) and his zen concept explication in 1990.

The second part of the article completes the author's explication of the Budo's pillars: karatedo (Mr.Funakoshi), aikido (Mr. Ueshiba) and judo (Mr. Kano) giving some more historical details and circumstances. The author sums up the difference between budo and bugei or bujutsu and shows several inconsistencies in the evolution of budo and bujutsu in the end of the 20th century.

M. Kodym: AIKIDO IN PERFECTION, the greatest European Aikido event of this year
A report on the CAA excursion to Basel where an International tutorial and aikido demonstrations as well as the EAF Congress took place on June 4-6, 1999, all on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Swiss Aikikai (L´ACSA) existence. Author remembers close Czech - Swiss contacts in the Aikido sphere. Organisational (financial in fact) troubles that such excursions mean for the CAA are mentioned then. After all 26 CAA members and Mr. Lorenc, the Czech budo legend as guest, participated in this year greatest Aikido event in Europe (a Hombu dojo representative - Mr. Sensei Tada, the 9th Dan, 9 outstanding Shihans operating in the whole Europe, more than 1000 participants altogether). The course of the whole event is described in great details. 2 Czech delegates took part in the EAF Congress, the results of which brought only little progress into the European aikido. On the other hand nobody could be disappointed neither with the rich tutorial program lead by the present shihans, nor with the demonstrations - Enbukai (offering a very interesting comparison of various approaches), nor with the Festival Party held on Saturday evening in St. Elizabeth church.

An impression of the meeting with William Plank III (3rd Dan, United States of America). William on his Harley road through Europe came to a stop in the dojo in Karlovy Vary. His training confirmed the old truth of so many ways to reach the consistent aikido principles. Besides some specialities in the techniques the most valuable lesson drawn from meeting William was his smile accompanying aikido practise. He considers the smile to be very important means to reach the harmony in aikido. One can encourage, calm and positively induce the partner with a sincere smile. It is necessary to preserve the inner feeling (one must be calm, patient, tolerant, self-sacrificing and very cautious to all his partners not only in aikido), on which the smile is based, and apply it. You will be surprised by the results in the same way as the author was!

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